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How Can I Lower Real Estate Agent Costs When Selling My Home?

Updated: Feb 10

The first thing to decide when selling your home is whether you will sell your own home or use a professional real estate broker to act as your proxy, show your home to buyers, and assist you in closing the deal. If you decide to use a real estate broker, he or she will be paid a sales commission based on a percentage of the selling price of your home. The real estate agent’s sales commission is one of the largest costs when selling your home and the real estate agent’s sales commission is usually paid by the seller. Therefore, one of the most important things you can do to lower the costs involved in selling your home is to consider the sales commission.

Typically, the average commission for a real estate agent is 6 percent of the final home sale value. This amount can vary, however, from a low of approximately 2 percent to as high as 8 percent. When you do the calculations, you realize this can amount to a significant amount of money deducted from the gross sale amount. For instance, using the above range of 2 to 8 percent, the sales commission on a $300,000 home could be anywhere between $6,000 and $24,000.

Using a real estate broker like Prime Valley Realty to sell your home in the Hudson Valley that charges as little as 2% percent commission can save you thousands. Most real estate agents like to set their sales percentage by agreement before starting any selling work. The agent’s payment for selling your home happens when the home sale is paid for, so be prepared for that cost at that time.

Many people interested in selling a home would like to learn more about and comparing real estate commissions in NY. These are the wise homeowners. Others do not even consider the broker fees. Maybe they do not realize that realtor commissions are not fixed. Some discount realtors do not provide all the services that others do. But if you are selling a home, the truth is that some NY Discount real estate brokers, like Prime Valley Realty, provide all or more services that real estate agents charging thousands more. It is Your Equity! Save on Real Estate Fees by listing your home with Prime Valley Realty.

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