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  • Terms of Service (updated)

    1.  Full Service: Prime Valley Realty Ltd. is a full service brokerage and pledges to provide Full Service, Full Value and Full CommitmentTM to all its clients and customers.

    2.  No Cost to Sellers: There are many options available to sellers looking to sell their properties today. Some brokerages provide their services on a ‘pay-per-use’ basis. These types of fees are paid no matter whether the property sells or not. The full range of services provided to you by Prime Valley Realty are always provided at no up-front cost to the seller.

    3.  Listing Fees*: The only fee that a seller pays to Prime Valley Realty is the applicable realty fee, which is paid only when the property is sold and closed. (Pay-per-use brokerages may charge fees ranging from between $500 to well over $2,000 for listing your house and other assorted services.  These fees are paid up-front even if your house doesn’t sell.)

    4.  Realty Fee Choices: The seller can choose from 2 realty fee options:

    • Option 1:  The seller can choose from our standard 4% commission rate which is charged on the actual selling price of the property (with the exception of the minimum fee for low priced lots mentioned below); Or
    • Option 2:  The seller can choose to use a fixed realty fee which can only be chosen for properties with a list price over $250,000.  This fixed fee is derived by multiplying the established list price of the property by the appropriate percent for the list price range (contact Prime Valley Realty for the percentage scale).  The applicable fixed fee amount will then be used in the listing agreement and does not change regardless if house sells above or below the list price.  But keep in mind there are still substantial savings when using this option when calculated against other higher brokerage fees.

    5.  Minimum Fee: There will be a minimum fixed realty fee of $1,500.00 (plus HST) for lots with a list price under $37,500.

    6.  Price It Right!: Prime Valley Realty and the seller will work together to arrive at an appropriate list price for the property. As Option 2 is based on the list price, it is therefore important to price the house right.

    7.  No Changes to Option 2 Realty Fee: If a house was either listed with a mutually agreed on price, or was listed with a price that was decided by the seller, and neither has attracted a firm sale during the term of the listing agreement, then the fixed realty fee shall continue to remain the same to help offset marketing costs unless Prime Valley Realty, at its sole option, decides to change it.

    8.  Minimum Listing Term: The minimum listing term for any listing shall be 3 months unless otherwise agreed to by Prime Valley Realty.

    9.  Seller Services:  Prime Valley Realty shall provide the Seller Services as outlined on our Seller Services  page.

    Newspaper advertising shall be done as appropriate for the house or property being listed.
    We do not participate in advertising in high priced glossy real estate advertizing magazines.

    *Realty fee structure subject to change without notice.

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