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    • Are you currently licensed or working towards becoming a real estate professional?
    • Are you looking for a great place to work?
    • Are you a self-starter and have good people skills?

    Then Prime Valley Realty is a place that we’d like you to consider working at!

    We are a small brokerage that always put our clients’ needs first.  For new agents you will be aided along the way.  The mentorship and guidance will help you gain experience and knowledge to assist you in this ever-changing profession.

    Real estate contracts and their negotiation is a skill that takes time to master.  So why not consider calling Pat Forrest, the Broker of Record, to discuss your plans and goals for your future today.

    Here’s what we offer:

    1. A progressive commission plan that is focussed on helping the new agent from the Mentoring Phase (Level 1) (for the first 5 completed transactions) to the Assistance Phase (Level 2) (for the second 5 completed transactions), and then on to becoming  a regular real estate professional (Level 3) where, for each transaction after the Assistance Phase the commission split is 90% to the realtor and 10% to the office and this doesn’t change.
    2. Commission cheques are paid out as soon as the brokerage is paid.
    3. No annual or monthly desk fees.
    4. Your clients will be your own.
    5. Cold calls to the office that don’t ask for a certain agent will be issued to the agents on a rotational basis.
    6. No anniversary date to worry about to reach commission levels like some of the larger brokerages.  You just need to get the assistance you need to get you going through the first two levels and then you’ll be getting one of the best commission splits in the business without having to pay any desk fees or franchise fees (some of the large brokerages have you pay $900 to $1,400 per month regardless if you sell anything or not).
    7. No quotas to meet.
    8. You pay for your personal advertising and your portion of any group advertising.
    9. You pay for your Ottawa Real Estate Board fees and RECO & CREA fees and insurance fees.
    10. You are an independent contractor and can claim all of your expenses.

    Call or email today to have a confidential discussion with Pat Forrest about your future with us. She can be reached directly at 613-433-6569.  Call today!

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